Let’s make some great Flipbooks!

We live in an e-commerce era where more and more people would like to publish their products online, having digital flipbooks will make you survive and succeed in fierce competition, reducing cost and improving product awareness. Heavy utilization of resources on the web, around the world has made products in such a way that any product can’t achieve success unless it is in the virtual world. Most entrepreneurs understand this reason fully well, they have utilized this platform to display their products and it is the same reason the Internet is full of similar products today. How to look unique, different and engaging is what matters and one of the easiest ways to showcase your products to clients and so many others on the Internet is by making use of flipbook software.

Flipbook, which is also known by some as a flick book, is a book containing pictures that vary minimally from one to another. The pages are designed in such a way that, when the pages are flipped quickly, the successive images merge and create the sensation of a motion picture. The motion depends on an individual’s persistence of vision, in order to create the impression that the pictures are “moving”, rather than a series of discontinuous images being exchanged in a short span of time. In the past, flipbooks are considered toys for children, usually presented to kids during birthday parties or some other event, but that is not the case anymore, they used to play a vital part in the formation of motion pictures, the early flipbooks are now considered as collector’s item and these flipbooks from the past are called vintage books today.

Flipbooks has died out in the past, but are still making a come in several type of marketing events, this is due to the use of technology in creating digital flipbooks in the 21st century, unlike what used to be in the 19th century.

You can upload your flipbooks to your websites to attract more customers and sales, and also you can turn your company’s brochures or magazines into flipbooks, so they can be easily accessed by your customers. Most digital flipbooks can be downloaded from the Internet, and that way you don’t have to print them using thousands of papers.

The customization level that a flipbook maker offers depends on one provider to another, this also basically depends on what you intend to achieve. What you can do with a PDF file, images and some other forms of graphics, varies based on the digital flipbook software in use. The kind of effects that digital Flipbooks come with makes it look like turning actual pages of a book or magazine. This effect is part of what attracts users to want to see more of your products and services, because they will find it exciting if they can actually flip pages and find what they need faster instead of going through PDF files and scrolling endlessly.

PDF files can be converted into flipbooks with the aid of a software called flipbook software or page turning software, there are lots of flipbook makers out there, that can be used in creating fascinating flipbooks, both for business and for personal use, like a collection of your Facebook or Instagram pictures etc. Flipbook software is a technology used to create digital version of publications such as books, brochures, journals, magazines and other documents. This software converts your regular PDF files into end products called flipbooks; this is referred to by some individuals as a page flip.

To create a digital flipbook from a collection of images or convert a PDF file to flipbook, all you need to do is upload your PDF publication or the required images to the software, and the software does the conversion automatically for you, the process is often seamless, as the speed at which the flipbook is created, is amazing. The end result is a virtually enhanced publication that is ready for use, by virtually anyone who has a compatible device.

There are countless reasons you will need to create digital flipbooks from your images, PDF files and other documents, or as a part of your company’s marketing strategy, in order to expand your customer base and increase conversion, and some are listed below.

  1. When you use the HTML output format in your digital flipbook, statistics could be added using Google analytics, which allows you integrate Google analytics account ID in the published digital flipbook that helps you master the traffic of your online book easily, which is an easy way to improve marketing promotion.
  2. Digital flipbooks have easy compatibility that makes it easier for more publications to be viewed on virtually all the web browsers and operating systems available today. The mobile publication can run on several devices such as IPhone, IPad and Android devices so that more access to information can be gotten in more than one way, so there is no problem of compatibility.
  3. A share button could be created in the interface toolbar so that you and your flipbook users can click and share on social media platforms such as twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and so many more.
  4. PDF to flipbooks gives a customized output appearance such as backgrounds, navigation bar, and control button, book page for better display. Such outstanding appearance catches more customers’ eyes.

An advanced flipbook software is available in the market that makes it possible to password and protect you content, a lot of magazines and newspaper publishers use this software to sell their single issue so also the subscription.

Some people might have the notion that it is difficult to make a flipbook, but once you have found a suitable software or flipbook maker and your PDF files or images are ready, almost half of the work has been done. After that what matters is your creativity and imagination to put the logos, templates and background, and make your possible best for it to look professional, because people love going through digital materials and if you have a well-designed flipbook, they wouldn’t think twice to go through it.